School Rules

The aim of the school is not only to impart knowledge and promote academic excellence, but also to develop character and to inculcate honesty,
loyalty and responsibility and values related to the rules. In fact each rule is so designed to develop a particular value in each student. You are therefore
expected to follow the rules and regulations endorsed down by the school and conduct yourselves in a disciplined manner. 
Remember being disciplined means not needing someone to control you. Therefore if you can control yourself, you obviously are a free individual. So take charge of your own life and be a free person instead of having someone controlling you all the time!

1. You should wear school uniform at all times including remedial and tutorial classes unless otherwise instructed.
2. You must report punctually for all school activities: assembly, classes, games,independent study, prayer, work, inter-house competition, etc.
3. You should turn off the lights and taps when not in use.
4. You should take care of the furniture, electrical fittings and other school properties. Anybody damaging any school property will be liable to pay the full cost of it and the punishment sanctioned by the committee.
5.  Smoking, consuming alcohol, doma, khaini, drugs and gambling, are considered very serious offences and is liable to be punished or expelled.
6. No student should be involved in forming groups and holding meetings amongst themselves.
7.  You are not permitted to enter the hostel kitchen and disturb the staff working there.
8. You should not shout and make uncouth noise in the school premises.
9.  If you disobey and display undesirable behavior with teachers, support staff,  councilors and in-charges you will be dealt according to the seriousness of offence as per school discipline policy.
10.  Gang fights and all forms of barbaric acts will be dealt as per level 3 of offences and sanctions (framework).
11.  If you wish to take leave you must take permission from the staff concerned on the prescribed form given at the end of this booklet. 
12.  Any absence from school without information will automatically lead to the deduction of SUPW marks @ 150 marks per day and in serious doubtful cases the student will be on report and detention and parents will be informed accordingly. This then shall be mentioned in their school leaving certificates. Student absent for more than a week without any information will be expelled unconditionally.
13.  Councillors will report to the staff on duty if a student  is found involved in any kind of indiscipline inside or outside the school campus. 
14. Social work is compulsory for everyone. You should work and cultivate a sense of dignity of labour. 
15.  You should maintain the required attendance to qualify for Internal and External Examinations which is 90% for both over all class attendance and
individual subject attendance (Class Teachers are responsible for overall class attendance which is taken in Morning Assembly and Subject Teachers are responsible for student’s attendance in their respective periods). 
16.  Bringing daggers, knuckles dusters, chain, and other weapons are strictly prohibited.
17.  You are not allowed to possess mobile phones, iPods, laptops computers,videotapes, MP3, video/ cameras and any other electronic gadget. If found, the item/s will be (i) seized 
(ii) The school will charge fine. For the 1st instance fine Nu. 300, 2nd instance Nu. 500, 3rd instance Nu. 500 and disciplinary record.
18.  Do not write or scribble on the walls of the school buildings or other government property.
19.  You are not allowed to wear lockets, fancy earrings/studs/bangles/armlets and hair bands and use odd hair dyes.   
20.  You should maintain decent hair-cut (for boys) at all times. Any jazzy odd hairstyles will not be accepted. Girls with long hair need to secure/bind their hair properly.
21.  Except for the position holders (first three position), any type of class/group party and gathering will not be allowed during academic session and after the final examinations.
22.  All BCSE/BHSEC students must leave the hostels right after the final examinations (having obtained the NOC from the concerned persons of the school).