Rules for Dayscholars

In addition to the general rules & regulations laid down by the school,students are expected to follow the following:
1. Attend and participate in all the school activities unless otherwise informed.
2.  Not permitted to go into the hostels at any time.  
3.  Not to encourage and involve with boarders in any negative activities.   
4.  Advised to go home immediately after school activities. No loitering around the campus and outside in the shops, etc. 
5.  You are not allowed to go out of school campus during school hours.   
6. All day scholar students should bring their lunch compulsorily.  
7.  Any absence from school without information will automatically lead to the deduction of SUPW Marks @ 150 marks per day and in serious doubtful cases the student          will be on report and detention and parents will be informed accordingly. This then shall be mentioned in their school leaving certificates. This also applies to Boarders.   
8.  Day scholar students are not allowed to live in rented house. If found the school administration shall expel him/her from the school.