Principal's Note

Every day has been a fulfilling day for me working in Drukgyel Higher Secondary School. I have been privileged to have such a dedicated and committed team of staff and students who are passionate about teaching and learning. No wonder this school performs consistently well. Therefore, it gives me immense pleasure and inspiration to work even harder in this prestigious school.
As the name implies, we have to strive nothing but the best, best out of staff and students in whatever little we do. It has always been our pride to see that our school perform and feature in top spot of school ranking and to see hordes of our students doing well in life.
This has been possible through our high sense of collaboration, co operation and competition that the school has been promoting.
It’s not enough to claim that we perform and are the best, but be supported with evidences.
Our school web, therefore, offers us best opportunity to showcase what we do, how do we do it and the reason behind all our endeavors. Finally what are our results? This is good platform for us –staff and students to put on record everything we do for others, particularly parents to keep abreast of the school activities.
We hope who ever visits our web, will get fairly good idea about the school and the programs we have. We also hope you will have happy reading and something to learn from.
Many thanks for visiting our website.
Your feedbacks are welcome.
Mr. Karma Tshering