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Feel the Power Within

posted Apr 15, 2017, 12:30 AM by Sonam Leki   [ updated Apr 15, 2017, 12:33 AM ]

 On 12th April, Drukgyel Central School (DCS) was informed of the visit by Mr. Jon Pritikin, a genius world record holder for “the tightest circumference of two aluminium frying pans rolled together with his bare hands in less than 30 seconds.” The school anticipated his visit excitedly. By 2:20 PM, Mr. Jon Pritikin and his escorts from the Ministry of Education, along with Dr. Solomon Wong and his wife.

When Mr. Jon narrated a story, a story about a boy who struggled, because he wasn’t like the other boys and girls as he wasn’t able to walk, talk nor write properly, in addition to which he was frequently bullied by his friends in the school, nobody wanted to be his friend or eat with him and to add more salt on the wound, one of the teachers remarked that the boy would never be able to make it out of his elementary school. This moment of his sharing was so powerful that it blanketed the entire multipurpose hall of 730 students along with 54 staff of the school. The silence was broken by Mr. Jon’s discomposure. Then he bravely said, “ Do you know who that boy is? I am the boy!”.
Most of us at that moment were thinking about what a terrible, sad life he had and our hearts went out to him instantly. But what he shared with the audience young boys and girls, plus the staff of the school took us all without our notice. In-spite of all the hurdles he was showered with as a young boy, he advised our boys and girls that, there is a hero in each one of us if we could notice & appreciate, or in other words, if we wish and want, we all can be a hero to others. 
Mr. Jon also stressed on not to believe in what and how others grade/label us. He said, “……no one can tell who you are or what you can and can’t do.” His reminders to our young learners are that, just because someone doesn’t express their emotions in front of us, we are never to take for granted of what we have said to others as some would be so deeply hurt by our casual lines while some may not. He also reminded the audience that, in truth there is no permanent treatment to a temporary situation, which implied that each one of us have to face whatever situation we are put in, in other words, to stand up for oneself in times of both highs and lows of our lives.

Feel the Power Within-Mr. Jon Pritikin

Relating to his own personal experiences as a school boy and how he was demoralised by what one of his teachers said to him, he warned the students to be careful with whom they share their dreams with. He mentioned, hadn’t it been for one of his teachers, who took his heart and soul in Mr. Jon’s learning and speaking, he wouldn’t be here today.

In line with which, he also gave a big round of applause and a high acclaim to all the teachers who have had and are still touching the many lives, beyond description of any words.

Upon questioned by the students on whether he ever got into fights. He answered that, “ It takes more of a man to walk away, then to get into fights.” Mr. Jon also expressed the joy & bravery of being able to forgive others, especially those people who have hurt us beyond repair. Forgiving doesn’t reflect losing, losing, he claims is when we hold on to something that can never be changed. Victory, he reminded, is when one is able to walk with one’s head high up after being categorised as a ‘loser’.
At the end of his talk, the audience still looked at Mr. Jon and wanted more of what he was bringing to them. Other motivational talks too could have inspired, but because the speaker was someone who had lived all his talks, the differences on the lives he touched would be immense.
With due respect & on behalf of all the DCS family, I would like to thank our Hon’ Sherig Lynpo for arranging such a captivating talk. My personal observation, at such an hour in our country where our youths are in dilemma as to where to head towards, who to believe in, who to look up to, many times believing in the unrealistic world on the screens and adopting it to make habits. What Mr. Jon shared , I am sure must have invigorated some lights of wisdom and thoughtfulness in our young learners.
So, one more time, Thank you MOE!!!

Compiled by, Sonam Zangmo 

(Tr. Staff Secretary)