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Calendar April 2015

Welcome to Drukgyel Higher Secondary School

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Volleyball Final

The finals of inter-class volleyball competition were played between class 11 B and class 11 C girls, and class 12 B and class 11 A boys. Class 11 C girls triumphed comfortably over 11 B girls with straight 3 sets win. The match between the boys showcased skills and team work and the intensity of the players were matched by the supporters cheering for their team. The 1st set went in favour of 12 B but eventually the team equipped with better talented players won the match. Hence 11 A boys were the champion in volleyball in 2015.

22nd Foundation Day

The 22nd Foundation Day celeberation would be remembered for a long time by the Drukgyelians. It was filled with events never before seen during other such celeberations. An encouraging number of Drukgyel Alumni honored the event by actively participating in the celebration. Politicians, flim stars and recently graduated drukgyelians joined the present family of DHSS during the event. The event ended with a football match between the staff and the Drukgyel alumni.

Paro Tshechu Holiday

Students will be sent on Paro Tshechu holiday on Tuesday evening (31st March). The borders will have to report to the school at 4 p.m. on sunday.

Rigsar competition

Inter-Class rigsar result was announced today in the assembly.


Class 11 B with 256.6 points emerged winner for the elocution competition held on Friday evening. Imitating Abraham Lincon, the student representing the class had students and staff completely under his spell, mesmarzied by the magic of his speech.

Boedra competition

Inter-Class boedra competition was held today. Twenty dazzling performances were put on show. How ever the performances reflected lack of practice by almost all classes. All the students of the school were involved in the dance competition.

Mock Drill

A mock drill was carried out during the 6th period on 18th March 2015. The purpose of the drill was to familiarize the students on route to be followed during the real calamities.

Science Olympiad Awards

Many Drukgyel Higher Secondary School students received gold and silver awards from Science Olympiad Foundation. The certificates and medals were handed over to students in the morning assembly today by the principals of the school.

Orientation 2015

Students were oriented on the school rules and regulations in the afternoon of 3rd March 2015. Principal briefed the students about the general rules and expectation from the students and staff. V.P. Mrs Kuenga Wangmo talked about academic matters, V.P. Mr. Dawa Tshering talked about school budget and expenditure details, V.P. Lopen Chuki Wangchuk talked about disciplinary matters, Lopen Ugyen Phuntsho explained the menu and budget regarding students' meal and School Counselor explained how and when students will need counseling. The program was organized by Lopen Yeshi Loday.


Inter-Class Football match in full swing.