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DHSS receives award

Drukgyel HSS is once again awarded with a certificate of commendation for being one of the top ten schools in overall performance for the year 2013 at the higher secondary level. Principal expressed his heartfelt happiness and gratitude to all the students and staff during the morning assembly today. He said that there wasn't any secret behind our success but was fully the joint effort and hard work of all the students and the staffs.


Deputy Councillors election

On 17/09/2014, Drukgyel Higher Secondary School conducted election for deputy councillors for both boys and girls through secret ballot. All the students, teachers and staff members voted for their candidate using electronic voting machine. The results are expected to be announce on 18/09/2014.

Annual School Marathon

On 13 th September, 2014, annual school marathon was conducted. Most of the boys and girls actively participated and completed the run. The Joint Training assisted in the transportation. Health Assistant of Drukgyel BHU was with the students for first aid treatment. Fortunately there were no injuries and the program ended successfully at around 9 am. The following students are the winners:

Sonam Gyeltshen(XB) Saraswati (XIID)
Phub Dorji B (XB) Chimi Lham (XIE)
Sangay Tshering(XIB) Jina Maya(XIE)

Intra Dzongkhag Sports Competition

The champion trophy was won by Drukgyel HSS during the Intra Dzongkhag Sports Competition. Drukgyel students won gold in basket ball (girls), volley ball (grils), badminton doubles and singles (boys and girls), table tennis doubles (boys), and chess (boys). Silver medals were won in table tennis doubles and single (girls) and football (boys).

Pupil Performance Report 2014 - (2013 BHSEC Examination)

Performance of Drukgyel HSS as reported in Pupil Performance Report 2014 is as shown below:
Ranked 1st in school ranking by overall mean performance with mean score of 63.31.
Ranked 1st in three subjects: Math with mean score of 85.6, Biology with mean score of 73.7, and Physics with a mean score of 68.3.
Ranked 1st in school ranking in Under-Graduate Full Scholarship Program with a total of 22 students qualifying.


12.08.14 International Youth Day

Drukgyel HSS joins the world in celebrating International Youth Day by presenting a short play during the morning assembly. The short play urged the Drukgyelians to inculcate integrity and to be a responsible person.


03.08.14 Inter School Cricket Tournament in Paro

The Inter School Cricket Tournament in Paro Dzongkhag for both boys and girls were won by Drukgyel Higher Secondary School. Medals and trophies were displayed and presented to the players in the morning assembly today. Lhaki and Tandin were also presented with man of the match title.


02.08.14 Inter Class Khuru Final

The Inter Class Khuru Final commenced with principal congratulating the two classes playing in the final. Class XII C started the game scoring 2 points in the first round. They dominated the game by hitting the target frequently while their rival, class X A failed to strike the intended target. Finally in the second last round, class XII C boys overwhelmed their opponents with two boys hitting the target and inevitably won the tournament. The winner scored 10 points and the loser scored 3 points. Principal awarded the cups and the day ended with teachers and players enjoying a get-together lunch.


26.07.14 Honorable Minister's visit

Economic affairs minister Norbu Wangchuk visited Drukgyel Higher Secodary School on 26thJuly 2014. Lyenpo inspired students of class XII and XI with his talk.


Trial Exam is in progress.