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Welcome to Drukgyel Central School

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Drukgyel Central School

As per the letter No. DSE/SLCD/CSU-ADM(1)/2016/062, the three schools, Drukgyel HSS, Drukgyel LSS and Wangsel Institute will be under the same management. The three school together will now be known as Drukgyel Central School.
Students are to note the following:

  1. Boarder students should bring their own bedding set.
  2. All students should arrange their own set of school uniform(gho/kira). There will be no change in the school uniform this year. For Drukgyel LSS and Wangsel Institute the school uniform will remain same, i.e. serthra.
  3. Students should also arrange their own stationaries to last for about 2 months.
  4. Day-scholars will be provided lunch from school.
  5. Fee structure will be announced during the admission day

  6. Note:Central School facilities will be provided when it is ready.

    For queries contact these NO. 17984829/17641132.

Award Function

champion class 2015

Today, 5th of November was a day that etched a memory, deep into the cerebral cortex for those students who have worked hard and had contributed to continue the fame of Drukgyel HSS. Moments, stiring deep emotions of pride, feeling of achievements and a sense of contribution were revealed as they step forward to beg certificates and various awards during the day. The arrival of chief guests, two former principals, Mr. Wangchuk Namgay and Mr. Karma Dorji set off the moments of happiness and joy. The speech by Mr. Karma Dorji left the students feeling lucky to be studying in Drukgyel HSS. Beautiful dances, performed in gaps between the award ceremony, delighted the guests, teachers and students. The program ended with a delicious lunch in the staff room with the guests. Drukgyel - Ever Victorious!

2015 Best Students

Best students 2015, were selected by the teachers and student councilors on Monday. Sangay Dorji class, 12 A and Sonam Choden, class 12 B were voted the best students of the year 2015.

Election of school councilors and incharges

The school councilors and incharges for the year 2016 are being elected by using EVM on 24th September 2015. The newly elected student leaders will be assisting the present councilors and incharges in their respective duties for the current academic year.


School will reopen on 11th february.