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Calendar Feb 2015

15th: Class X and XII borders report to school in the evening.

16th: Class X and XII dayscholars report to school in the morning.

17th: Class IX admission.

Welcome to Drukgyel Higher Secondary School

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Class XI Admission 2015

Eligible candidates seeking admission in class XI in Paro Dzongkhag are required to report to the Meeting Centre on 26th February 2015 at 9.00 am, to choose stream and school. For details please click [here]

Note: Reporting date for the students admitted in Drukgyel HSS will be announced later.
Dzongkhag Meeting Centre Feeder Schools Host school to receive students in class XI
Paro Drukgyel HSS Lango MSS Drukgyel HSS
Bitekha MSS
Drukgyel HSS
Khangkhu MSS Shari HSS
Shaba MSS
Shari HSS

Students' Requirements and Fee Details

Click HERE to open the flip book to view the students' requirements and school fee details for the academic year 2015.


School re-opened on 10th Feb 2015.